The Sustainable form

Our design and packaging plays an important role in reducing its ecological footprint. For many years, we have been optimising it with regard to its sustainability – in production, use and recycling.


Material Efficiency

Packing as much product as possible with as little material as possible—this maxim has driven our research and development since the early 1990s. With success: we have now reduced the operating weight of our packaging by up to 40% by means of increasing efficient and at the same time functional designs. 


100 % Recyclability

Only homogeneous packaging materials achieve optimal recycling results. Therefore, we only use plastics and decorations that are 100 % recyclable. Kane-Em Industries Limited is thus completely recyclable and can be reused as recycled material without any technical quality losses.



Kane-Em Industries Limited focus on durability drives our commitment to sustainable design & packaging. We’ve optimized every aspect to minimize our ecological footprint, whilst ensuring long-lasting impact. Join us in making a difference.